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4. Dec. 2015: 'requiem for a spanish mongrel' - Ingo's new purely electro-acoustic solo album is out now on bandcamp!

First 48 days free download Bardo cover


24. Sept. 2015: Peter Stock Trio - the new album "Kunstbüro" is out on bandcampdownload it now!

22. August 2015
: The Vagrancy Ensemble,
kult41, Bonn, 20:00 Uhr

19. Juni 2015: Peter Stock Trio, In Situ Art Society, Bonn, 20:00 Uhr

25. April 2015: Peter Stock Trio, Atelier Galerie Kunstbüro Bingen (Vorstadt 14, 55411 Bingen am Rhein), 19:00 Uhr

At the "Kunstbüro" in Bingen PST played just acoustic improvised music. Very special thanks to Anikò for organising the concert and for all the good food!

12. Okt. 2014: Our first live album "live at JAFF" is out on bandcamp - download it now!

6. Nov. 2014: Peter Stock Trio, Jazzclub Cavete, Jazzinitiative Marburg, Marburg

5. Sept. 2014: Peter Stock Trio, Freienfels Festival (bei Weilburg), 20:00 Uhr

3. Juli 2014: I-Ku (Kuno Wagner & Ingo Weiß), Jazzclub Cavete, Jazzinitiative Marburg, Marburg, 21:00 Uhr

21. Juni 2014: I-Ku (Kuno Wagner & Ingo Weiß), Hof der Bibliothek, Weilburg, Fetê de la musique, 11:00 Uhr

1. Juni 2014: 'no matter who it is, it is sacred' - the new Album by I-Ku - is out on bandcamp!

15. Mai 2014: 'third stroke' - the new Album by the Peter Stock Trio, is now available on bandcamp!

10. Mai 2014: Peter Stock Trio, Studio 18, Bad Naunheim, 20:00 Uhr

20. Feb. 2014: Peter Stock Trio, Kurios Music Club (19:30 Uhr, Druckluftkammer, Koblenz)

live in Bonn 2015

live in Bonn 2015

Photos by Bernd Wend (

live in wiesbaden
Internationales Jazzfestival Wiesbaden 2013

ingo live
Photo by Richard Klasen (Rhein-Zeitung 2012)